When Belgium try to ignore the GRAVITY

When Belgium try to ignore the GRAVITY

A spectacular new sight has risen in Belgium’s “fairytale” Kabouterbos forest. Belgium engineering firm Close to Bone recently completed the Vlooyberg Tower, an eye-catching cantilevered structure that’s part land art, and part observation tower.




Located in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Tielt-Winge, the Vlooyberg Tower was built to replace and commemorate the historic Tielt stairway tower, a wooden four-meter-tall lookout that formerly stood on the site until it was irreparably damaged by arsonists who damaged it by setting it on fire.



Working with the local municipality, the designers had to create a new monumental structure that would stand the test of time.It also had to be made completely out of metal, be at least ten meters high, include a shelter, and be resistant against any form of vandalism. Instead of a conventional viewing tower, like a spiral staircase, the designers chose to create a staircase that was straight and rising high into the air.

The minimally decorated, steel-clad Vlooyberg Tower stands 11.28 meters in height and is built on a galvanized substructure. The designer describes the design process of the tower as “a war against its own weight” that involved meticulous calculations to ensure that the staircase, which weighs no less than 13 tons, would not sag. The Vlooyber Tower was prefabricated offsite and then assembled onsite in just half a day.

viewing-tower_030516_03 (1)

Who can make the finite element model of this stair 🙂 ?


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One thought on “When Belgium try to ignore the GRAVITY

  • Vytas

    (May 12, 2016 - 2:44 PM)

    To answer to the question at the end of the article – almost anyone should be able to do it -is it difficult to make finite element model of two trusses consisting of bar elements?
    Anyway, modelling FE model alone means very little compared to analyzing the model and interpreting the results correctly.

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