“Vending Machine” Skyscraper Dispenses 3D-Printed Homes in Tokyo

Could the skyscraper of the future dispense homes like a vending machine? Growing and adapting to Tokyo’s housing demand, this Pod Skyscraper is constantly under construction. Residents can order a ready-to-use modular dwelling manufactured by 3D printers on the top floor of the building, and then cranes lower it into place. The innovative skyscraper, designed by Haseef Rafiei, received honorable mention at this year’s eVolo Skyscraper Competition.

Tokyo is known for robotics, automation, and minimal living. Drawing upon these qualities, Rafiei created a futuristic variant on the famed Nagakin Capsule Tower. Inspired by vending machines in Tokyo, this vast framed structure houses a large number of pods equipped with basic amenities for residential and commercial use.

The pods are manufactured on-site, transported by cranes and plugged onto the megastructure. An automated system calculates the position for each pod, while disused or faulty pods are dismantled, kept in storage or brought back to the printer – creating a closed loop. Users can choose the amenities included in the design and can purchase several pods to create a larger living space. In addition to residential use, the pods can also function as small office and commercial spaces.

Via Inhabitat

Post Author: Zahi Baroudi

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