Skip Chicago Skyline…If You’re Afraid Of Heights !

Skip Chicago Skyline…If You’re Afraid Of Heights !

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The idea first took shape in 2010 when Steven Davis, a partner at Davis Brody Bond, realized that a lack of direct transportation between downtown Chicago and Navy Pier was causing the attraction to lose out on a huge number of potential visitors.


The developers also hope the cable car will become an iconic landmark within the city, much like Marks Barfield’s massive London Eye ferris wheel. The attraction is planned to run year-round, operating into the evening hours to allow riders a view of the city at night.

If approved, the Skyline will serve as a practical form of transport, the cable cars are designed to carry up to 3,000 people per hour in each direction, offering 30-minute tours, 17-stories above the water from Wacker Drive and Lake Street on the west and to Navy Pier on the east. Expect to pay $20 USD per trip when it opens.


The project would reportedly cost $250 million to build, which backers hope to obtain through private funding rather than relying on state or city funds. Because the land on which the Skyline would be built is owned by the city, it would be a public-private partnership – not a bad deal for the city considering the aerial transportation system is estimated to attract 1.4 million tourists a year.

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