Prefab smartdome homes can pop up practically anywhere

Prefab smartdome homes can pop up practically anywhere

 Slovenian firm smartdome constructions has developed a line of modular dome homes that can pop up practically anywhere. Created with the principles of “bionic construction” in mind, the prefabricated dodecahedrons are designed to sit lightly on the land and blend into the surrounding landscape. In addition to using modular construction, the dome homes can be easily expanded.

Smartdome constructions developed four types of domes: skydome for elevated applications; aquadome for water landscapes; treedome that incorporates vegetation; and snowdome for wintry environments. The company’s goal is to become the “leading producer of thematic villages,” such as a ski village in the Alps or a Hobbit village in the countryside. The domes are raised on galvanized steel stilts and can be placed on degraded areas, from steep slopes to swamps.

“Our aim is to develop new method of living in the country, combining technical efficiency with careful treatment of resources and nature alike,” writes the firm. Each dome is constructed from welded galvanized steel and moisture-resistant plywood. Buyers have the choice between transparent modules with 3D thermoformed polycarbonate or full non-transparent modules filled with 150-millimeter-thick insulating mineral wool. The insulating materials help reduce energy consumption. There is no available price quote on their website, but interested buyers can contact the company for more information.

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