House Truck Transformers…Must See !

House Truck Transformers …Must See !

How awesome would be for all the people to have a moving house? House on the wheels, in which they can live and which they can use for transport and travel? Yeah, many of you would say that moving houses exist, but we are not talking about small camp houses… We’re talking about the real, big, two-floor houses! In the foreseeable future, mankind will probably be able to live in such houses and in the video bellow, you can see the stunning project called “House truck transformers”

This great concept has been created and as you can see, the main idea is to have a mobile house with all thing our current houses have… The lot of spaces, two floors, separated rooms and so on… The hoses would be carried by massive trucks, and will be able to assemble in the truck trailer. Once you found the spot, you just stop the truck and the trailer transforms into a beautiful house… This concept really looks stunning and it would be so useful if implemented!

Post Author: Zahi Baroudi

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