Glowing see-through garden house lets plants soak up the sun

Sometimes less really is more. This beautiful glowing home by H.a Architects was inspired by just one thing – lush greenery. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, the Less Home is clad in perforated white metal that lets in optimal natural light for the abundant vegetation that weaves throughout the interior. The home’s two-story tower […]

Novel Technology Applied to Replace Aging Bridge

America’s bridges received a grade of C+ on the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, put out by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Aging is a factor in this score—almost four in 10 of the 614,387 bridges in the U.S. are 50 years or older, and the average age keeps climbing. But repair and rehabilitation […]

Fabulous Multi-Generational Home !!

Practical yet playful, the Charles House is a multigenerational home designed with an eye for detail and sustainability in Kew, Australia. Austin Maynard Architects designed the spacious home for a family of five who wanted a home they could live in for at least 25 years. The home, which is adaptable to meet the needs […]

Luxury Hotel Converted Grain Silo in Cape Town

The first part of Heatherwick Studio’s renovation of a former grain silo building in Cape Town’s harbour has been completed, with the opening of a hotel featuring bulging windows. London-based Heatherwick Studio – headed up by designer Thomas Heatherwick – is overseeing the conversion of the building, in which the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) will open […]

Vipp prefabricated cabins designed as “battery-charging stations for humans”

Danish retailer Vipp has created a factory-made, metal-and-glass micro dwelling that comes filled with the company’s line of homeware products. Called Shelter, the 55-square-metre structure is intended to serve as a nature retreat and “battery-charging station for humans”, said Kasper Egelund, who heads the brand. “Vipp has made a plug-and-play getaway that allows you to escape urban […]

Building made from 1.5 million plastic bottles withstands fires and earthquakes

Plastic bottle architecture is fantastic at turning a problem into an eco-friendly opportunity. The amazing EcoARK in Taipei, Taiwan is one such example. Built from 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles, this massive pavilion is surprisingly strong enough to withstand the forces of nature—including fires and earthquakes! Designed by architect Arthur Huang, the nine-story $3 million […]

New Record | Germany just generated a record 85% of its energy from renewable sources

Germany has outdone itself yet again when it comes to clean energy. From April 30 through May 1, the country set a national record by generating 85% of all its energy needs using renewable wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric power. And this isn’t just an anomaly – experts believe that this will be the new normal for Germany […]

Hand Scanner Measures Bitumen Quality !!

With a simple hand scanner, the quality of the bitumen, which holds the asphalt together, can be measured directly on-site. Asphalt does not last forever. At some point, it ages and starts to crumble. This has to do with the bitumen, the sticky binding agent, which holds and keeps the rock content in the asphalt. […]

Concrete Volume Appears To Rest on Glass in Brazilian House

Brazilian firm FGMF Arquitetos has built a São Paulo home around a steel frame embedded into a concrete wall, allowing the use of extensive glazing that offers views down a verdant hillside. The narrow Mattos House sits on a slope within the hilly city. A series of three platforms step down from the home’s entrance to […]

Creating a Better Mesh in Finite Element Analysis

** Written by Janet Wolf **   Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software has advanced tremendously in ease-of-use and robustness to the point that meshing complex geometry is often as easy as pushing a button. But getting a model to mesh and getting good results can be two different things, and the user has to ask […]

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